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Dr. Bhaskar Krishna

Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer

In 2013, Dr. Krishna became part of Maiva Pharma (then Global Pharmatech) as Promoter/Managing Director/CEO. With conviction in the company’s intrinsic potential, its quality systems and processes, Bhaskar spearheaded the company’s entry into regulated markets such as Canada, European Union, and Australia. This facilitated acceleration in the inspection process by Health Canada, followed by EU inspection and approval. This was quickly followed by PIC/S approval by Malaysia. 

With major regulatory approvals in place, Bhaskar launched CDMO (Contract Development and Manufacturing) services for the US market. This enabled the inspection by US FDA in August 2019 positioning the company for rapid growth as products developed and filed with the US FDA are approved and commercialised. Three ANDAs (Product Filings) have been approved as of 2020 and a number of approvals in the pipeline positioning the Maiva for rapid growth.

Bhaskar’s industry experience has been in executive and leadership positions that demanded leadership,  managerial dexterity and technical expertise which he deployed to remarkably change the trajectory of each organization he has led. 

Bhaskar has a B. Tech. (Chemical) from IIT-Madras, PhD (Chemical) from Purdue University, and MBA (Duke University; Honors). Bhaskar has nine patents and numerous publications and presentations to his credit.